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Third Gear Scratch

Dec 19, 2023

Episode 170 of Third Gear Scratch, in which our hero, Alien Epilepsy waxes and wanes about this year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Twenty Three. It's been a year of triumphs and struggles which has seen AE release his first and only solo record 'Everything' (Spartan) and tour on it, create a new record with his band Shiner, their 6th, tour with his friend Ian Prince and their band Birdhands with amazing bands Russian Circles, Spotlights, Jawbox and Pelican. But it was in the mother of all coup attempts that saw AE join Sunny Day Real Estate onstage in the role of guitarist in his friend Greg Suran's absence for 10 shows this summer and fall of '23. Growing older as an artist presents its own challenges and those showed up this year too. However, it is the continued support from the Third Gear Scratch faithful that give so much back and help to steady the ship for this long-time artist and maker of things. Huzzah!!