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Third Gear Scratch

Nov 29, 2021

Jim Suptic and his band The Get Up Kids were too young to play clubs in the 90's KCMO scene, so they went on tour and played houses and all-ages shows across the world, and quickly became place-holders in the Emo Icons category, on tour with and inspiring a litany of bands like Blink 182. Now Jim is part of a...

Nov 22, 2021

The mind of Chunklet Magazine creator Henry Owings is a many tentacled beast, unable to be sated with just one calling or defined by one title. Archivist, author, designer, show promoter, comedian, producer, tour manager; he's lived, curated, celebrated and skewered, chronicled and helped to establish the...

Nov 14, 2021

When Rigs Of Dad started in IG, musician Ross Hurt had no idea he would have 85k followers in a scant few years. He's parlayed that into the excellent R.O.D. podcast and continues his musical journey started with his band Black Clouds in DC into his current project Burial Waves and their new EP Holy Ground (

Nov 1, 2021

When Katy Guillen was but a wee lass, her father would bring her around to play her brand of the blues on guitar at open mic jam sessions in KC and the midwest, stoking the fire in her, curating and aiding her evolution from prodigious wunderkind into her current state of songwriting machine and indie-blues stalwart....