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Third Gear Scratch

May 23, 2023

Chris Neville is a busy man;  As the core member and founder of Tributosaurus, a collection of session killers from Chicago that regularly honor a certain artist or band with sold-out highly perfected tribute concerts featuring almost granular details of that artists recordings (i.e. 6 people to play a proper Rush concert), as a composer for a huge gaming platform called Everi Holdings, as a longtime venue owner whose club fell victim to the pandemic, and as a weekly performer in various ensembles including but not limited to his newest band of assassins, The Meadowlark Lemons.  Chris has remained humble and driven to make his life revolve around his strongest skill set as band-leader, keyboardist, singer and all-around show man. He's also found time for the most important parts of life, being a dad and husband while following his dreams.