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Third Gear Scratch

Mar 28, 2023

Both Sarah and Mario Quintero of the post-everything band Spotlights have been guests on TGS previously, but never at the same time. It is clear that regardless of the music that they make together, beautifully crushing songs that push sonic boundaries with every release, these two are best friends and would be together even without this music. They're deeply in love and have a connection to being the best fucking band they can be and are proving it with every new release. Their newest, Alchemy For The Dead (IPECAC) is another perfect cog on Spotlights gear but sees them grow their brand in very big ways; the vocals and lyrical content on this record has pushed them beyond their post-post-post roots into territory relatively uncharted for them. They've always had singing on their records but it's a big jump for this band. They're embarking on a 9 week tour and explain exactly how they do it and how they make sure their children (aka their dogs) are taken care of while they're out proving it.