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Third Gear Scratch

Mar 13, 2023

DC punk icon Pete Stahl and his guitarist brother Franz were heavily influenced by their father who was in the biz in the 60's as a band manager. Pete has ridden his simple and profound love of music through a long life of traveling the globe not only as a musician with his band. the godfathers of the DC Dischord scene, Scream (featuring former member Dave Grohl), but also with Wool, Goatsnake and many others, but also as a tour manager for Rival Sons and Coheed and Cambria. It's a life that is as thrilling as it is exhausting but this ageless creator continues to make outstanding music for his masses and it continues with a new record from Scream called DC Special (Dischord), their first in over 25 years  and includes contibutions from Bad Brains members and of course, Dave Grohl.