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Third Gear Scratch

Jan 30, 2023

When Stephan Hawkes was but a teenager, he and his band at the time called Tibanna, made their first recording with Paul Malinowski of Shiner in the midwest, far away from his hometown of Portland OR. That band ran its course as bands do, but Stephan caught the bug for recording and fell in love with every part of the process. Not only is he a gifted guitarist and drummer as exhibited in his longtime band called Shelter Red, which released their 5th full-length album in 2021, Beast of the Field, he turned out to be a prodigious recording engineer, working with many many bands and establishing his name as the go-to guy in PDX. In the past few years he's migrated not only into mastering music for many artists (think Air Supply!) but has also migrated into the City of the Angels, bringing him that much closer to artists who need his talents and enthusiasm.