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Third Gear Scratch

Sep 26, 2023

When this episode was recorded, the writers and actors strikes were both still going strong with no end in sight, so resident keyboardist for the Jimmy Kimmell Show, Jeff Babko, was able to find time in his normally very busy schedule to rap with me. In fact, the Kimmell show is just a piece of his crowded schedule, which includes being the touring pianist on stage with Steve Martin and Martin Short, in addition to composing for movie scores like the new Weird Al biopic, Toy Story 4, Encanto, but also recording with James Taylor, Jason Mraz, Shelby Lynne, Simon Philips, Sheryl Crow-- not counting the folks he's played with on Kimmell. He's a funny man, driven to make music with whomever and in whatever forum is available, but usually includes incredible musicians like Vinnie Colaiuta, Jeff Coffin, Matt Chamberlain, Mark Isham and many more. He's a podcast host for the Caffeinated Keyboardist, owns his own studio Tudor Tones and is generally just busy because what in the hell else is there in this life but to make music. He's got a new record called The Libretto Show with bassist David Piltch and is generally just ready to rip at all times.