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Third Gear Scratch

Aug 29, 2023

Jason Sipe and Victor Riley of Chicago's own Salvation make a particularly powerful and vicious form of music that many might assume descends from grunge music of the 90's. On the surface perhaps, but this mighty trio, with the help of Mr Mike Lust, a prodigious producer (Urge Overkill, William Elliot Whitmore, everybody in Chicago) and two-time TGS guest has created a moving testament to laying it all out and flinging the resulting blood on the wall. MOCK (Reptillian), their 4th record and first with Reptillian conjures images of bands like Cows, The Jesus Lizard, Unsane, and yeah some very early Nirvana, but is also more immediate and complicated than those RIYLs. Victor and Jason represent what we all represent in the arts which is busting their respective humps to make music and take it on tour, by working jobs that allow them to do just that. In fact, they're both literally at their jobs on the day of this recording and it gives a nice peak into the life of a working musician.