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Third Gear Scratch

Oct 31, 2022

Right after Jarboe had migrated from the Deep South to New York in the early 80's, she saw Michael Gira and Swans perform and knew that was her destiny. Swans impact today is felt in bands like FACS, Godflesh, Neurosis, Isis and Napalm Death with Jarboe and Michael as the figure heads of Swans. Jarboe's career is 33 albums deep between solo work/collabs/Swans, and now is reissuing one of her most enduring and celebrated solo albums Sacrificial Cake (The Circle Group) from 1985 and is also heading out on tour to Europe for her first shows since the pandemic shutdown. She's an electrifying and eclectic singer, a practiced and studied performer and a passionate human with a long story that is still going strong.