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Third Gear Scratch

Aug 29, 2022

When drummer Zach Barocas began to play with his legendary band Jawbox again in late 2017 to rehearse for some reunion shows, he wasn't sure exactly how that might play out given they hadn't been in the same room together for about 20 years. Turns out, it went so well they're still playing shows now and in fact will be playing Riot Fest in September 2022. Zach has been creatively busy with his bands The Up On In, The Bells, and now New Freedom Sounds with some guys like J Robbins, Gordon Withers and Tom Cisneros that makes music that is related to but doesn't live in the same house as standard jazz. It's a very fresh take on that medium built and arranged by Zach over the pandemic months, at the same time that he and his wife have opened a boutique stationary shop in Brooklyn called Measure Twice that has become a...calling card for Zach.