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Third Gear Scratch

Jun 21, 2021

Punkrocker turned documentary filmmaker Eric Fundingsland first full-length film "Why Am I Doing This?" A Film About Touring is a funny and insightful look into the often undignified world of touring in a rock band that can be sketchy even on the best of days. He talks with rockers like Steve Albini, Tim Midyett, Joe Preston and many more about why they do what they do, and when asked why they continue to tour some are actually not sure why. We talk about how he made the film and what it took to edit over 500 gigs of footage together and why he undertook the whole thing in the first place. His band The Bismarck tell hilarious horror stories that are so relatable and familiar you'd cry if you weren't laughing.  Hail Hail rock and roll.