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Third Gear Scratch

Aug 15, 2023

Writer / actor Ryan Raddatz has spent the last 20 years in LA carving out a career in TV and film, first briefly as an actor, before realizing that writing was his true calling. He spent years writing on show for CBS like the recent reboot of The Odd Couple and The Neighborhood with Cedric The Entertainer and dozens more that may or may not ever get made, and has written over 5 seasons of episodes for PBS WordGirl. He's had a great career that has allowed him to raise a family in LA and live at a reasonable middle-class existence. But now the current writers strike is reaching into the months with no end in sight and issues of pay increases and the looming advent of AI and it's ability to pop out scripts with a few prompts can end careers for not only writers but many others in the food chain of the biz. Actors are fighting for Image Privacy as studios will use AI to lift their faces in crowd scenes. Fantastic insight from this great writer.