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Third Gear Scratch

Jul 18, 2023

In it's infancy, drummer Jason Gagovski's band Sweet Cobra, was always a 4 piece unit; a giant, crushing, throbbing and roaring missive of urgent importance. The move from 4 to 3 piece however was not their decision, as Matt Arluck had cancer that ultimately took his life, leaving them at a loss for a moment until deciding to move forward as a trio. Sweet Cobra's sound has historically been a highly evolved echo of the giants that came before them. And they are still are that, albeit one that has grown it's sound exponentially on their new record Threes (Hawthorne St), where melody and nuance and reverb state their case boldly and successfully. Jason is the engine behind the band and is not only a talented drummer but a gifted graphic designer who freelanced for a long time before landing his current gig at the Field Museum here in Chicago. In addition to maintaining Sweet Cobra, Suicide Note before it, touring with Cloakroom, creating a side project with Sarah Olmsted called Rows Arc, he's also a proud father of young man that has highlighted and augmented his entire reality and that clearly is evident on this new record of his.