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Third Gear Scratch

Jul 5, 2023

Laurent Schroeder-Lebec's love of heavy, ground-breaking, earth-shaking music is well established by his band Pelican and their diverse discography over the past 20 years. But somewhere around 2012 LSL began to feel the tug of a different calling; starting a family and supporting that family to the best of his ability, and that included becoming beverage director for Big Star here in Chicago. Certainly Pelican had been experiencing success and was making money as a professional band, one that tours 8 months of the year and can sustain itself when not on the road. But raising a family is a different beast so he made the tough decision to leave Pelican. Shredder Dallas Thomas filled Laurents role heroically for several records until just recently when the band began to reissue their first 3 records on Thrill Jockey with new remasters and in the case of the last reissue, The FIre In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw, they were able to add a new remix in addition to remaster by original engineer Greg Norman, with spectacular results. These reissues sparkle and roar in all the right places and bring these records to the sonic level of later releases. With Laurent firmly back in the band, Pelican have been enjoying their reunification and showing the world they still got that thing that put them on the map in first place: the fire in their throats!