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Third Gear Scratch

May 15, 2023

Tim Rutili is not only from the influential and highly regarded art folk skronk rock band Califone, he in fact is that band. Certainly not to say he's not the only person who makes Califone Califone, indeed that band is more like a collective, often made of 15 humans or more for any given record, and it continues to involve many of the same talented humans he's been making music with for the past 30 years including his time as the main maker in 90's SubPop heros Red Red Meat. So it goes with Califone's new offering, Villagers (Jealous Butcher) due May 19 2023, and follows the theme of these friends exploring new sonic territory, widening their scope of influences and finding lyrical themes of seemingly mundane moments which slowly unfold into profound epiphanies. It's a giant record; a huge step forward but also on par with his best offerings. Tim Rutili is a person with a complusion to create, whether it's composing for film scores, directing and scoring his own films, working on his own paintings, or riding the Califone machine into a new record for the 15th time in 23 years, he will happily continue to satisfy this need as long as he is able.