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Third Gear Scratch

Apr 17, 2023

Gabe Larson was actually closer to his maternal grandfather than his paternal grandfather, Waldemar or Wally, the one he named his band after and most likely the man from whom he inherited a bit of his sadness and ennui. And it's this general bout with depression that plays a central role on his new album called Ruthless (Self-Released), an expansve and intimately beautiful record that has taken most of 5 years to create. In that time, Gabe and his brother Nick carefully rebuilt a 130 year old barn on his Eau Claire WI property, outfitted it with studio gear, and then began to track this big recording, which accurately reflects the open-sky of his surroundings. The pandemic allowed him time to finish his work and to make a baby, Ruth, who was influential in the songs as a matter of course. In his young life after graduating college with a music degree, Gabe has worked tirelessly in decidedly non-music professions like school bus driver, roofer, and now owns his own business with his brother refinishing hardwood floors all over the Chippewa Valley. But most importantly, he's made a career-defining record that makes him so very happy.