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Third Gear Scratch

Mar 20, 2023

Producer Santi Garcia was just 12 years old when he approached the radio station in his town with an idea: his own radio show playing new music he loved. His exuberance and love of music led him to recording bands who came to him wanting to be recorded. He borrowed the only 4 track recorder in the small town north of Barcelona called St Feliu De Guixols and began plying the trade which would make his name and put bread on the table for his family to this day. Santi has expanded his successful studio, Ultramarinos Costa Brava, by including his brother Victor, who is now a sought-after mastering engineer at his own studio, Ultramarinos Barcelona. Both are always busy, recording and producing bands from the region like Standstill, Nueva Vulcano, and Delorean but has made fantastic recordings with Jeremy Enigk in his small studio that overlooks the Balearic Sea. Santi continues to live a music lovers dream in his small hometown; it's a beautfiul success story.