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Third Gear Scratch

Aug 22, 2022

Our handsome host Allen Epley goes guestless for this episode to take time to reflect and wax on the state of his state of mind. It is the eve of his 54th birthday and the week before his twins fly the coop for college and leave their parents alone at home at once, both elated and broken; free at last or utterly rudderless. Raising kids is a dangerous business; to love someone so much with the knowledge that if all goes right, they will leave you in 18 or so years and break your heart. Turning 54 is an achievement also considering the life spent making music and what it has taken to make ends meet and still make quality music for long periods of time and create relationships across the globe, not to mention with the guys in your band. It's these revelations that are pondered and given thanks and gratitude for, and for the listeners of this therapy session masquerading as a podcast.