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Third Gear Scratch

Aug 9, 2021

Quin Kirchner has spent his life growing into where he's arrived currently, which is to say a world-class jazz drummer, composer and now bandleader with The Quin Kirchner Trio, but has been playing with top-flight players and leading groups large and small for the better part of 20 years like Head With Wings, K/V/L and later NOMO, a giant ensemble of largely improvised material which later begat Wild Belle. He's spent his life as side man to great players like Rob Mazurek, Jeb Bishop and Nick Mazzarella but hadn't come into his own until the QKT released The Other Side of Time in 2018 and now The Shadows and The Light and getting crazy reviews not only in Downbeat but also on indie mags Pitchfork, spreading the love naturally.